Dymocks operate more than 90 stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. Dymocks needed to consolidate information from these stores on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Biko developed a web browser based Management Information System (MIS) in which data is polled from all stores every night and reports are generated using Crystal Reports product, connecting to a central SQL Server Database. The reports include Bestsellers Report, Daily Sales Comparison Report, Store by Store Comparisons, Benchmarking reports and Sales Budget tracking reports.

"The new browser based MIS system that Biko developed has generated several significant business benefits for Dymocks including reduced communication costs, more timely management information and improved integrity of information for the group. Furthermore, we are already enjoying 'spin-off' benefits from the new system including the ability for our stores to electronically download new releases into their store based point of sales systems."

Simon Spicer
Chief Financial Officer
Dymocks Group of Companies

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